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A meditation to "SHINE YOUR LIGHT"

We have all heard the term "call to Arms". And it would be an interesting visual to ask those who have taken up Arms, to put their physical arms down. I was given this beautiful meditation today and I share it with you.

Allow Gratitude to bless your reality.

Take in a breath, allow yourself to breathe in the entire world as it is now, and consciously become aware of the entire world and all its challenges and beauty and miracles and light.

Tune into everything.

And as you exhale, see the divinity in all, the light in the dark, the flowers arising in the cracked sidewalk, the glimmer of hope in a heart that feels all is lost.

Breathe in ALL that is:

See those that hold a weapon putting it down and walking away, just for a moment, see those ready to point that weapon, or push that button, just for a moment see them stop, and walk away. See those ready to be frustrated and lash out, just for a moment, stop and walk away.

Step back, step back and view from the lens of the divine, the infinite ALL THAT, which is able to see that even the harsh and even the challenges hold blessings.

This blessings is realized through awareness, through presence, through leaning in.

Because you are able to shine your light of understanding, of love and presence.

Now, breathe yourself back into your body, and be at peace within. You are the shining light in your world.

All my love TERRI

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