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In the Vibration of the Angels

Each morning, I spend time with Archangel Michael and his retinue of 100% God-Light (God-Like) Angels. Usually, I ask them to be with me while in my meditation.

Recently I asked to be in the vibration of the angels.

I felt lighter than I have experienced before. And I asked to feel my wings. (Your wings are attached in the middle of your back and at your Achilles heel.)

My wings were enormously huge and really hunky at my shoulders. I asked why they were so big, I have felt them be "just the right size" for me.

The answer was these really big wings, is that I could now fly higher than before. This was news to me I had not flown before this. I felt myself leave the earth plane and fly across the land noticing all the beauty. I then noticed all those suffering without all those things I took for granted. Once, again I asked why am I noticing this?

He answered that I can now send even more compassion to those with less. My compassion would be felt and those without hope would feel there were solutions. They would hear from the many higher vibrational beings (Angels) and feel the answers.

Hmm More Compassion, I can do that.

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