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My Serendipities

I met My Serendipities about 5 years ago. Just as I was waking one morning, I heard "We are not A serendipity, we are THE Serendipities." I have never encountered a voice before, so I asked it to "say that again!!". They did, and I asked why me. Their answer: "You enjoy serendipitous moments, we can give you more." My Serendipities was born. I have many pages of a manuscript I add to that tell their many stories of helping me.

When I ask the Serendipities to be with me, they send me a love-beam to my heart, which fills my body. I than ask who I could send this love-beam too. My Mother is always the first, she is 93 and doing really well. Then I receive a name or see a person in my mind’s eye that I send this love beam too also. Because the world has many of those that need this love-beam, I often send out a wide range love-beam for those that I have on my mind.

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