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Quan Yin

Quan Yin is an Asian Goddess and an Ascended Master. She is know for her compassion, it is said, she would not ascend into Heaven because she could hear the cries of her people.

I ask for Quan Yin to be with me every day. Quan Yin comes to me and asks me to turn Her Compasion I am asking for into myself, an enfolding of this compassion. I feel myself hold this compassion, letting it fill me. I have become more and more aware of this need to have compassion within myself before I can give this to anyone else.

The picture of Quan Yin shows her on a dragon. Most statues of her are with some sort of dragon. This dragon is for support and strength. I often feel that this dragon is also for a straight spine, and a more "chin-up" viewpoint. I feel Quan Yin is for a more Regal bearing and a leadership viewpoint. She is with you whenever you call her in.

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