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Meet Terri Young

Terri Young has been doing Akashic Records Readings and teaching people to open their own Records and open Records for others since 2012.

This is her story

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A sense of wonder and an appreciation for all that there is to experience in our world was a gift Terri received as a young girl from her father. The father of 9, Terri’s dad was a philosopher and a businessman who believed himself to be rich because of his large family.


In her 20s, Terri turned her back on this world view. Instead, she focused her energy and attention on getting married and having 4 children. But, when her youngest child turned 4 years old, Terri realized she wanted more out of life so she took the time to explore what her beliefs were about her life.


The next adventure on Terri’s path was opening an angel store with a business partner in a tiny village. Considering how small and remote the town was, the business was not a likely success story - but it was!


“We called in the Archangel Michael every day to help us grow the business and it did. Our angels flew off the shelves,” says Terri.  When her business partner was ready to move on to new opportunities, they closed the store and Terri opened a bookstore called Terri’s Dream.


During her time as a business person, Terri realized there was just so much more spiritually she wanted to experience. She wanted to move away from the narrowness of her Catholic upbringing so took a year to explore her spiritual path.


“My friend Maureen St Germain did an Akashic Records Reading for me. I don't remember what she said, but I knew I wanted the immensity of the feeling that there was so much more to experience,” she says.


In 2003, Terri  decided to pursue working with Akashic Records, Keepers and Guides. Maureen was running classes in New York and Terri worked with her organization for many years.  


Today, Terri is ready to share what she knows with others more directly. “I feel like I have finally arrived at what I have always wanted to do. I love it so much, I feel very strongly about sharing this with as many people as I can until I am told to stop. I will be here for a long time.”

Image by Julian Hanslmaier



During her angel store days, Terri and her partner would have a meditation with the angels in the store. She would ask the angels to show themselves to her. “One day, I was doing a meditation group and I felt an angel rubbing my arm approvingly. It felt wonderful.”  That was the beginning of Terri being able to feel but not see angels. She can see them now. 


“I call my team of angels in everyday - Archangel Michael and all the other archangels that accompany him including Lord Metatron. Sometimes we have a conversation, sometimes not,” she says.

The  Serendipities

Terri has always loved serendipitous moments where something wonderful happens and you can see the steps that got you there. One day she  woke up and heard a voice: “we are not a serendipity, we are THE Serendipities.” 


She asked: “Who is this?” They repeated themselves so she asked them to tell her more. They said: “We have come to bring you love with our love beam to your heart.”


“I sat at my computer, I had never done this before, and wrote down 50 pages of information that did not come from me.  Now, when I call them in, they send a love beam that fills my body. They told me I can send this out to anyone who needs physical healing,” Terri says.

Image by Ivana Cajina
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