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Terri Young is pleased to offer a range of services to support your personal and spiritual growth

Image by Ashley Batz

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are a fluid field of information about the past, present and future. I open the Records for you. Together we access knowledge from your Record Keepers and Guides. The session will answer questions that have been with you forever and provide insight...into your purpose, your path... into all you want to know.

Quantum Matrix Healing

We'll work with your Higher Self and focus on a feeling or behavior that has gathered in your body. We'll use your wording or feelings as I guide you to move through layers of your body. You'll imagine and become a more mature and loving version of yourself, with new tools to release all that you're ready to let go.

White Plants
Image by Aamir Suhail

Intuitive Life Coaching

Let's create ways for you to be your best self, to create what you want to experience. We'll pull from all the tools I use. You have free will - you'll see many choices. You can change what you don't like. Together we'll discover your own answers. You'll leave our session with many resources for moving ahead. 

Dream Interpretation

Terri works with you to help you to realize that a dream that bothers you or is staying with you is a life lesson. Your words, how you describe the dream help Terri to help you understand how this dream can give you a huge aha. You will recognize what dreams are telling you about your life.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
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